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Tablecloths and Coasters

Set the table! With our tablecloths, table runners, and coasters, this is easily achieved in a stylish manner. Even without the need for a magic spell, your table transforms into a fairytale arrangement.

When the Coaster Becomes the Center of Attention

No more dull coasters that merely serve their purpose. We prove that even inconspicuous, yet practical items can make a visual statement. Thanks to different materials, our coasters seamlessly integrate into the overall look of your arrangement. Of course, we produce these products from durable, purpose-oriented materials, combining fashionable design with effectiveness.

High-Quality Weaving from Corn, Water Hyacinth, and Seagrass

Whether heart-shaped or circular, the material from our domestic fields and the depths of the sea come together to form an impressive weave. Sometimes finely knit, sometimes roughly bound. Which coaster captures your heart? Due to their flat shape, coasters made from corn or seagrass are unobtrusive. They also serve perfectly as table decoration outside of meal times. The natural material harmonizes beautifully with, for example, cut flowers in a vase.

Sustainable Coasters

We're banishing plastic from the kitchen and opting for sustainable resources instead. From now on, set your table with a clear conscience by using our stylish coasters made from environmentally-friendly bamboo. This material is renewable and also enriches your kitchen equipment with its hygienic properties. You'll find various models in this category.

Durable Wooden Coasters for Rustic Charm

Do you prefer things sophisticated and high-quality? Then our wooden coasters made from oak or olive wood are just the ticket. The solid hardwood impresses with striking grain patterns and conjures a Mediterranean or rustic ambiance onto your dining table, depending on your choice. Browse through our selection and decide between an individual piece or a multi-piece set. Additionally, in this category, you'll find models with additional storage options. How about round olive wood coasters in a matching box? Our coaster set for inserting is both practical and attractive. Discover the variety and find your favorite piece.

From Colorful to Elegant - Explore Our Tablecloth Range

You've probably already experienced how quickly a wine glass tips over or sauce drips onto the table. How good that a tablecloth protects your sensitive wooden table. Even better if this tablecloth is easy to clean and also serves as an optical highlight. Just like the tablecloths waiting for you in this category. Browse through our range and let yourself be inspired.

Variable Sizes and Fabrics - There's Something for Everyone

Tablecloths not only serve a protective function, but also enhance the dining room visually. For decorative purposes, we recommend our small-sized square models. They don't cover the entire table surface, allowing expensive material to shine through, especially for a high-quality table. Such a tablecloth doesn't necessarily have to end up on the dining table. It's also an eye-catcher on the hallway console. It's particularly effective if it's made of fine silk. If the high-quality fabric is too elegant for you, we also offer wool fabrics that are equally decorative with beautiful embroidered patterns.

Even the garden table on the terrace will appreciate a colorful cover. Floral patterns and fresh pastel tones shine in the sunshine under the open sky. As soon as spring arrives, our outdoor tablecloths will make everyone crave a leisurely breakfast in their own garden.

Timeless Designs

Anyone who thinks plain white tablecloths are boring is mistaken. The classic always convinces because it can be combined with any type of tableware or other decorative elements. Our table runners, which you'll also find in this category, are also excellent for this purpose.

To prevent your tablecloth from disappearing in a subtly white interior, don't hesitate to try a colored model. Bordeaux makes your table look expensive and elegant. The shiny fibers in our "Shiny" or "Highlight" tablecloths only catch the eye at second glance. Playful embroidery patterns like curls or circles, on the other hand, create a lively effect.

"Set" for Every Season

Spring isn't quite arriving outside yet? With our flowery tablecloths, you can chase winter out of your home even before the sun does. Butterflies, roses, and spring flowers as prints or embroidery create a spring feeling.

For many people, a "staycation" on their own balcony is known to be the best. Cozy reading, toasting with a sparkling summer drink, or enjoying the warm summer air with a glass of wine. Our tablecloths in a summer look, such as a Mediterranean olive pattern or our "Beach" tablecloth, also evoke holiday feelings at home.

Our Table Runners are Unbeatable

The cherry on top of the sundae, the rhinestone on the ring, or the pistachio on the praline. As always, it's the topping that makes an object perfect. This also applies to our table runners, which turn every dining table into the focal point of the room.

Simple Yet Striking

Experience a world of colors thanks to our colorful selection of plain table runners. Delicate pastel tones, bright turquoise, or subtle earth tones. In our range, you'll surely find a model that perfectly matches your individual interior style. Convince yourself of the difference a table runner makes in terms of appearance and room design. It doesn't always have to be imposing decorative elements. Even small touches of color create an inviting atmosphere.

Delicate Embroideries

Let yourself be enchanted by intricate craftsmanship. The effort and care put into production are clearly visible in the delicate motifs of our silky table runners. In our range, you'll find partly uniform fabrics and partly combinations of solid and transparent fabrics, which, thanks to their embellishments, possess a truly unique charm.

Seasonal Table Runners

On holidays or special occasions, the whole family gathers around the dining table. The right decoration must not be missing. However, Advent wreaths, candles, or Easter arrangements unnecessarily take up space on the table. You're much better advised with a table runner in a matching design. While these specimens are only brought out at a specific time of the year, when a sea of flowers or delicate snowflakes spread out on the table, memories of past celebrations awaken and strengthen the awareness of the upcoming contemplative time.

While our plain table runners adorn the dining table all year round, models with seasonal patterns put you in the right mood even more. Classics like flowers in all shapes and colors can be found in our range, as well as Christmassy snowflakes or colorful autumn leaves as embroidery.