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Table Decoration

We've Served Up Some Beautiful Decoration Ideas for You.

Take a seat, please! Our lovely decorative objects gladly respond to this invitation. They can not only be beautiful table adornments, but also enhance all imaginable corners of your home. Here, you have the agony of choice. We offer distinctive candle holders for tea lights, candles, or LED lights, as well as elegant bowls or charming coasters. Some of our pieces are simply delightful to look at, while others happily serve another, often practical, purpose. You're welcome to mix and match them as you like, but many are also true soloists. As such, they don't want anyone to steal their spotlight. What they have in common, though, is that they complement many styles of decor perfectly and decoratively, making them real assets.

We're Happy to Serve This Up on a Silver Platter for You

"Chic in a shell" could be the motto for our multitude of different bowls. They come in many different materials, shapes, and sizes. There's certainly something for everyone. Whether naturally crafted from fine wood or woven from water hyacinth or sisal, or elegant in porcelain, ceramic, or shiny aluminum. Here, they're happy to offer their services: whether as a fruit bowl or as a gathering place for beautiful things of all kinds, they certainly stand out in any case. And they're extremely practical on top of that, because they're always a stylish and tidy presentation platter.

Carved from Fine Wood: Practical Boards and Coasters Made of Olive Wood

Cutting boards, breakfast boards, pizza boards, or small boards as coasters, our wooden pieces are magnificent, practical, and affordable to boot. Most of them are handmade, using various types of wood. Each type has a different color and grain, but what's the same is their solid, robust durability. And their distinctive appearance, as they bring a piece of nature to your kitchen or table. Especially boards and coasters made of olive wood bring not only their unique character and expressive coloration, but also extreme hardness and resistance plus antibacterial properties to the table. This makes them ideal for the hygienic processing of food. Or their decorative presentation.

Here's Some Light for You! Lovely Candle Holders Create a Beautiful Glow.

Anyone who has looked at things by candlelight knows the cozy, romantic, and homely effect. Especially when the candle is not just there, but presented attractively. For example, with a beautiful candle holder. Or a decorative candlestick. Our tea light holders can also maintain the glow and are the most beautiful presentation for tea lights or small LEDs. Either thrown into a stylish set or as orientally decorated lanterns made of colored glass.

Our range of scented candles is also worth seeing (and smelling). Feel free to convince yourself.