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Fire Bowls and Fire Baskets

Fire Away for a Carefree Outdoor Season

What could be more beautiful than enjoying life outdoors on a warm summer night? With people you cherish, engaging conversations, a glass of wine, and delicious snacks? And with firelight and candle glow? We have plenty of ideas for that. Our fire bowls and fire baskets gladly add luminous accents, providing the perfect setting for a small bonfire and are also real safety highlights. In various colors, shapes, and facets, and in different sizes, lovers of the outdoor season will surely find the right fire pit - whether for the terrace, garden, or balcony.

Fire Away! But Please on a Beautiful Presentation Plate...

Staycation. Grilling on the balcony followed by a pleasant gathering by the firelight. Our simple fire bowls are the perfect presentation plate for this. Unadorned but well-shaped and absolutely fireproof, they ensure that the fire always appears in the right light. Whether round or square, in trendy rust look or in plain metal, they provide the perfect frame for any fire. And the necessary safety, because the fire can burn peacefully in them, but never spread. Even smoldering embers are perfectly safe in them. Therefore, we highly recommend our fire bowls, as they have passed every fire test so far.

Round, Robust, and Truly Solid: Fire Bowls in Ball Format

If a simple fire bowl is too plain and unadorned for you, our fireballs or fire spheres might be a suitable alternative. The fireproof base with a heat-resistant soft steel stand is filled with wood. Then the round top, also made of soft steel, on which intricate patterns and motifs have been cut using lasers, is placed. The burning masterpiece presents the glow of the flames plus a luminous pattern as an additional highlight. The antique, rusty look complements the exciting appearance perfectly.

The Pillars of the Earth, Red-Hot but Not Dangerous

The play with fire can also take place in a column or barrel. Simply fill it with wood and ignite. Our fire columns and barrels are made of fireproof steel and feature different milled patterns that provide additional highlights in the glow of the fire. Columns and barrels are also extremely safe, protecting against sparks, and you can simply leave the fire in them to enjoy their warming and beautiful radiance.

Fired Up for the Right Accessories

Where there's fire, there must be firewood. It's great when it's always within easy reach, yet still stored appealingly. This is where our small wood stores come in handy, as they are both practical and stylish. Either in an elegant tower shape made of solid metal or as robust woven baskets, which also serve as excellent transport aids. For all aspiring fire enthusiasts and grill masters, we also have other useful tools in our range: Practical, fire-resistant grill gloves made of sturdy leather, as well as heat-resistant grill aprons with additional practical features like grippy side pockets or already integrated grill utensils. Our grill and ash buckets should also not be missing at any good fire pit, so you'll naturally find them in our selection as well.

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