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Hooks and Holders

Now Everything Has Its Hook

There's always something to hang up. Whether it's dish towels in the kitchen, towels in the bathroom, jackets and coats in the hallway, an apron on the balcony or terrace, or the garden hose in the garden. That's when it's good to have stylish and practical wall hooks. They're easy to install and still look good afterwards. They provide space to hang things that would otherwise just be lying around. Because, as the saying goes: Order is half of life. And it always has a hook.

Here You Have Everything in Your Grip

Elegant handles are a true adornment. They can be easily attached to wooden furniture of your choice and quickly change the overall impression of a dresser, a cupboard, a door, or a chest. Here we have an impressive selection of antique handles made of cast iron. All cast in one piece, just like in the good old days, they allow for robust, nostalgic, and tangible changes in no time. Simply screw them on, and then you can confidently grab as you please.

Animal Love Doesn't Have to Come with a Hitch

With our wall hooks, you can either go for the dog: Here, a wall hook in the shape of a dog provides space not only for the dog leash. Also, in the form of a bird, a practical wall hook offers many good services. Both hooks are made of weather-resistant cast iron and can be mounted indoors and outdoors. The practical and extremely durable hooks ensure particularly high longevity.

Some Things Gardeners Should Simply Check Off

Sometimes in the garden, you really find yourself in a bind, especially once you've unrolled the hose. That's when it's good to have a stationary solution and an organizing holder, for example, in the form of a wall-mounted hose holder. There, the hose can be easily wound back up after use: no more frantic untangling and knotting. A stylish garden hose guide can also be a great help, as it protects sensitive plants from being damaged or affected by the garden hose. Simply inserted into the ground, this decorative guide provides more plant protection.

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