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Nesting Boxes & Feeding Stations

Are All the Birds Already Here?

Designing your own garden to make birds feel at home accomplishes several things at once: you can observe these cute little birds up close, even in the city, and you also bring in some useful helpers to your garden, balcony, or terrace. They happen to eat a lot of annoying insects. Plus, many birds are creatures of habit: if they've experienced a garden as a good food source during winter, they'll happily return. They might even choose it as a nesting place in the next spring, who knows? What we do know is that our nesting boxes and feeding stations are always good food sources in winter. Not just for birds, but also for bees, bumblebees, and other animal garden friends.

Show It to the Birds

There's a whole range of native songbirds: blackbirds, thrushes, finches, and starlings, but also various tits and other small birds. Many of them have their own peculiarities and preferences. That's why we have a wide range of very different birdhouses available for our feathered friends. There's definitely something for every taste, both yours and the birds'. A birdhouse not only adorns the garden but is also a protected and appreciated food source that initially attracts the little birds and to which they will surely return with pleasure. Of course, you'll also find a whole range of practical and attractive nesting boxes with us, which can give small birds a new home.

Your Little Beetle is Coming. Of Course, Bumblebees, Bees, and Co. Too.

Some insects are real pests that harm plants. However, there are also beneficial insects, the natural antagonists and enemies of the pests. These include bees, bumblebees, ladybugs, and more. You can and should happily attract them to your garden through an appropriate offer of food, shelter, and suitable winter quarters. Here, we have a whole range of useful nesting aids available. Practical and sturdy bee quarters or sustainable and attractive bumblebee hotels, for example.

Small, but Mighty: Useful Garden Helpers with Wings and Legs

Small livestock also makes a difference, but is often quite useful. Like the hedgehog, for example. It's a diligent ally against slugs and also eats all sorts of harmful insects. For this reason alone, it should be warmly welcomed in your garden and find a suitable abode. During the day as a refuge, as hedgehogs are nocturnal, and ideally a frost-protected shelter for their hibernation. For these hedgehog needs, you'll surely find the right house with us. Bats are also nocturnal and highly effective in combating harmful insects. Their natural habitat (especially their daily "hanging options") is getting smaller, bat boxes offer a meaningful alternative.

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