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Made of Wood

These practical kitchen tools are carved from noble wood

Helpful support in the kitchen is something everyone can use. Especially when they look as good as our products made from extremely high-quality and exotic woods. All wood products come from sustainable and environmentally friendly production, are sturdy, solid, and extremely durable, and captivate with their distinctive, natural wood grain. Therefore, no product is like the other, each piece is a unique one-of-a-kind. However, the many practical little helpers do not differ in terms of ecological production, robustness, and durability. So you can enjoy them for a long time.

Boards and cutting boards that mean the world

Cutting boards, breakfast boards, pizza boards, or small boards as coasters, our pieces of wood are magnificent, practical, and also affordable. Most of them are handmade, using different types of wood. Each type has a different color and grain, but they all share solid, robust durability. And their unmistakable look, as they bring a piece of nature into your kitchen or onto your table. Especially boards and cutting boards made of olive wood bring, in addition to their unique character and expressive coloring, extreme hardness and resistance, plus antibacterial properties to the table. This makes them ideal for the hygienic processing of food. Or their decorative presentation.

Spoons, spoons, they're good for the food

Whether as a salad set, ladle, pan lifter, risotto spoon, or spatula, our characterful spoons made of olive wood are not only extremely practical, extremely stable, and versatile, they also look incredibly good. This is due to the pleasantly natural color of this extremely hard type of wood as well as the distinctive grain. Olive wood is particularly well suited for use in the kitchen, as it has antibacterial properties, as well as being odorless and tasteless. The helpful wooden tools can do a lot, are very versatile, but not dishwasher-safe. They have no place here, but they are still extremely easy to clean. Simply wipe with a damp cloth and you're done.

Our serving suggestion: Just throw it in a bowl

Apples, pears, and other fruits look doubly appetizing in our beautiful bowls made of olive wood. They not only look extremely good due to their distinctive color and grain, but also have antibacterial effects, are extremely robust and durable. We also offer bowls made of olive wood for bread, smaller and larger snacks, and other finger foods. Or from other exotic woods like cedar or the wood of the Paulownia. Because the natural wood of these bowls is already a great presentation platter in any case.

Wooden eye, be vigilant. These helpers are useful.

Beautiful things from Mother Nature, helpful and good. Also indestructible, robust, and extremely practical. Small kitchen helpers made of olive wood can do a lot and are always ready to hand. Whether it's a grill tong, rolling pin, meat tenderizer, or spice mortar, our products made of 100% olive wood are expressive utensils with added value that definitely provide good and important services in the kitchen.