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Scatter Decorations

A Dreamy Arrangement

Decor enthusiasts will certainly find what they're looking for with us because we offer more than just three beautiful things for all imaginable decorations. Your imagination knows no bounds here. Do you enjoy arranging elegant spheres into an attractive masterpiece? Or seashells and starfish into a maritime eye-catcher with a touch of wanderlust? Or perhaps you want to compose natural shapes and materials into a spectacle of nature? Go ahead, our various decorative components are highly versatile and available for all arrangements at any time.

Small and Large Artworks Easily Composed Yourself

The right interplay is crucial! Decor enthusiasts know this all too well. They also know how to make big statements with small things or how to position them in the spotlight. Here, we have a wide selection of decorative spheres in various sizes and made from different materials. Just like stars & starlets, maritime accessories, or nature-inspired objects. Now it's your imagination's turn to decide how you want to arrange these items. As embellishments or as true stars of the show. You are the composer.

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