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Figures and Sculptures

Proud Beauties, Always an Elegant Ornament in Their Right Place

Beautiful figures, graceful sculptures - people have always loved to adorn their homes. Starting with paintings, art in the form of busts, figures, and sculptures later conquered the interior space, adding exciting, elegant, and artistic accents. As eye-catchers, when well staged and skillfully placed, they can furnish any home with a sophisticated touch and make a very personal statement. Ideally, they harmonize with the overall ambiance and give it a distinctive highlight. Opportunities and suitable spots abound.

Zen, the Graceful Formula for More Peace and Serenity

Zen means meditation. It is a mindset and way of life, an existence in the here and now that bestows inner calm and relaxes the mind. Originally from Buddhism, it is gaining more and more followers and friends here as well. Symbolically, Zen is embodied by the seated Buddha, who appears completely at peace within himself. This highly popular figure immediately exudes meditative serenity. The Buddha adapts to almost any environment and, with its balanced presence, fosters greater mindfulness and meditative awareness in the present moment.

The Pure Aesthetic and Essence of Life-Affirming Femininity

The female body has always been a central subject of art. Famous sculptures and statues have enriched our world for ages, just think of the Venus de Milo, the Sphinx, or the Statue of Liberty. For those who find these statues too large but still wish to pay homage to femininity, adorning their spaces with smaller sculptures is a wonderful option. Beautiful curves, aesthetic bodies, and harmonious anatomy always play a significant role in these figures. They embody sensual femininity and gladly enhance a place of your choosing with feminine elegance and pure sensuality.

From Angels, Fairies, and Elves to Other Celestial Beings

Angels have always held a prominent position: whether as messengers of God, guardians, or guardian angels, they are always a symbol of spirituality and immortality. The same goes for fairies, elves, and other ethereal beings. Presented in an appealing form, they can be brought back to earth as decorative figures, adorning your home as lovely messengers from the heavens.

Enchanting Ornaments, Exciting Materials, and Artful Arrangements

Admirers of abstract art will find a rich and sophisticated repertoire with us. Intriguing sculptures with graceful ornaments or an elegant mix of high-quality materials skillfully combined are magnificent eye-catchers with a rather symbolic message. Here, your interpretive skills have the luxury of choice. And you have free rein.

Dearest Decorative Figures that Bring Animal Joy

Attention, animal lovers: here is a small selection of absolutely cute and noteworthy little figures that ensure harmonious and beautiful animal welfare right in their place. Whether dog, cat, mouse - our adorable four-legged friends are eye-catchers, ornaments, and statements of a special kind.