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Artificial Plants

You're in for a Floral Treat: Our Selection of Artificial Plants

For those not naturally endowed with a green thumb, our artificial plants and flowers offer a splendid alternative. They bring blooming life to your home and require absolutely no maintenance. Blooming and flowering times are irrelevant; they always showcase themselves in full bloom, need no care, and leave no mess. In a nutshell, they are the blooming proof that floral aesthetics and vibrant greenery don't necessarily require gardening skills.

Decorative Grasses for Green Oases and Other Small Nature Reserves

Juicy green grasses spring forth in places of your choosing. Either in decorative bowls or pots - gladly adorned with flowers as fantastic and high-quality accents or for "self-planting" in your own existing planters. The grasses provide a welcome "wild growth" appearance, as their stalks seem to grow in creative chaos, yet still create a harmonious overall impression. The same applies to small herb pots. Here, you can freely choose, combine different herbs, allowing your home herb garden to grow, sprout, and thrive.

No Wreath Can Pass You By?

That's a good thing. Our decorative hanging wreaths work particularly well as window decor or make a beautiful statement on doors. They have an inviting effect and are always a particularly lovely rounded creation. They come in various types of artificial flowers with different blooms and leaves. Pure "Flower Power" is also possible, with beautiful decorative rings on which floral dreams come true. Or for personal customization. Here, our moss wreath is the classic, which can be beautifully adorned with individual blooms.

More Floral Dreams, Anyone? Here You Go!

Magnificent flower bouquets and lush arrangements that never lose their floral splendor? With our beautifully designed artificial flower bouquets, not a problem. They come in various color combinations, sizes, and different compositions. Whether lavender, peonies, or hydrangeas are your favorite flowers, flower enthusiasts will always find what they're looking for in our bouquets. Whether for personal floral decor or as a gift, our bouquets are lavish, splendid, and wilting is absolutely out of the question.

Flowers with Added Benefits: Pure Bathing Fun in Full Bloom

A rose is a rose is a rose. And in these cases, also a wonderfully fragrant bath additive. Our soap flower bouquets are a wonderful gift idea with a dual effect. First, they simply look fantastic and smell amazing. Optionally, each flower also provides the basis for a magical bath experience. Each flower can be plucked individually and dissolves in the bathwater. The result is an extremely pleasant bathing experience: smooth skin and a long-lasting subtle scent. Both on the skin and in the bath. And of course, based on natural aromas.

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