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Sand Pictures

Pictures as Plentiful as Sand

"Everything is in flux" could be the motto of our fascinating sand pictures, in which new, breathtaking artworks continuously emerge. Thanks to a unique technique, our sand pictures are subject to constant change. Different sediments constantly trickle through the water, creating new structures and layers. Their sight induces meditative calm and serenity, as there is always movement within them. The result is certainly impressive and will undoubtedly capture all eyes with its moving moments.

Mysterious Landscapes as Far as the Eye Can See.

The creation of sand pictures is a complex process: Different-weighted sediments and sand grains in various colors are placed in a water solution. There, they are almost incessantly in motion, trickling through the water at varying speeds due to their different granulation and weight. This continually generates newly structured layers that resemble mysterious waves, enigmatic dunes, or deep-sea landscapes, fascinating with their razor-sharp silhouettes.

You Can Turn and Twist It However You Like.

The sand pictures never come to a standstill. The sediments continuously trickle through the water, forming new artworks time and again. Move the sand picture, rotate it, and the impressive spectacle starts anew. With the included syringe and a blunt needle, you can regulate the water-air ratio at any time and thus influence the flow speed. If you want the sand to flow slower, simply inject a little extra air into the tiny opening with the small syringe. The syringe also serves for the additional replenishment of water, ensuring you will enjoy your artwork for a long time.

Always in the Right Frame.

All our breathtaking sand pictures come with equally high-quality frames. Different types of wood have been used and carefully painted. They decoratively frame the glass with its artwork, composed of water and sand, sediments of varying granulation and weight, complemented by fine gold dust, which, in the end, glistens brilliantly on the composition, providing additional highlights.

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