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Decorative Hangers

From Living Space to Living Dream. Easily Achievable with the Right Decoration Ideas.

Here, our decorative hangers are just one way to create a more inviting ambiance. They adorn ceilings and walls or happily hang on windows and doors, adding a decorative value. They come in different sizes, made from various materials, and in many different styles: from A like pleasant ambiance to L like country style and S like shabby chic to Z like enchanting repurposing. There's surely a fitting find for every style and taste. So, take a look, grab one, and hang it up.

These Decorative Hangers Come from the Heart...

The heart as a symbol of love never goes out of style. And why should it? The gently curved shape, the fine lines, and plenty of room for interpretation – that's what makes it so popular. This holds true for our designers as well, who were able to realize a variety of heart ideas. This applies to both the material and the design. Delicate metal, rather rustic wood, intricately woven willow wood, or elegant silver, our heart-shaped decorative hangers come in as many variations as the heart desires. And that's a good thing.

Butterflies in Your Stomach? Or as Decorative Room Ornaments...

Butterflies represent summer, sunshine, and a certain lightness. Their playful fluttering reminds us of summer meadows and carefree naturalness. That's what makes them so popular and, therefore, they are perfect as decorative room ornaments. Our playful decorative hangers with butterfly motifs are no exception. On the contrary. Pretty, graceful, and delicate, they enchant your interior and bring a summery flair into play. They happily adorn walls, windows, doors, or other surfaces that would probably seem a bit dull without them.

Sun, Moon, and Stars? Yes, Please!.

Ornate decorative hangers are an ornament for the house, yard, terrace, or balcony. While they unfold their visual effect indoors through good looks and imaginative shapes and colors, outdoors they add a bit of movement. Especially when they gently sway in the wind and create a pleasant sound. This applies especially to our playful celestial motifs. Here, the decorative hanger "Sun," with its embedded glass balls, beautifully reflects the sunlight. Or the stars, which, when blown by the wind, create a wonderful sound. Exciting and calming at the same time.

Room for Design Possibilities.

Decorative hangers offer plenty of design potential. They instantly enhance walls, doors, and windows. Sometimes, they also offer the opportunity to get creative yourself. Like, for example, with our cage. Already a beautiful eye-catcher on its own, but it can also be filled if desired. And gladly seasonally specific. Perhaps with summer flowers or decorative Christmas ornaments. The maritime glass balls also invite you to be filled. Maybe with tea lights? Here, your imagination is needed.

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