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Door and Draft Stoppers

Door and Draft Stoppers: Find Attractive Design Variants at Benera

The door stopper is a tried and true, very helpful home accessory that effectively prevents slamming doors and damaged walls. A gust of wind during a draft is all it takes for a door to slam shut with a loud bang. Quickly, the door frame can be damaged or the lock itself can suffer.

But even with careless, enthusiastic door openings, it can happen that objects behind it are affected. The handle may scrape against the wall or a piece of furniture, causing damage. A door stopper can effectively prevent such accidents and damages, all while looking stylish. The individual door buffers differ less in function, but more in design, color, shape, and material. For children's rooms, there are playful, cute, and loving animal designs, while neutral but equally effective door stoppers are more suitable for living spaces or business areas. In addition to its functionality, the door stopper should also meet your design preferences. The extensive range offers the right door stopper for every living space and almost every style of decor.

Protecting Little Hands and Paws

A door stopper not only prevents damage to door frames, furniture, and walls, but also protects little hands and paws from injuries. You are surely familiar with the problem that doors have a magical attraction for children. The little rascals love to play with the door, and in no time, little fingers can get caught. With a door stopper, you can not only prevent an enthusiastic opening of the door, but also the latch. Simply position the stopper in the open door, and the child's fingers are protected. The door stopper is also a blessing for animal paws, as how often have cat paws and dog paws been caught in a suddenly closing door? Thanks to door stoppers, this danger is averted, and you no longer have to worry about your four-legged friends.

Flexible Floor Door Stoppers Can Be Used Anywhere

In older buildings, it often happens that doors simply won't stay in the desired position. As soon as you open the window, the door slams shut, causing a racket. Want some fresh air to get rid of the summer heat? No chance, because the doors won't stay open. Flexible door stoppers ensure that this problem belongs to the past. Wherever you need it, you can use the flexible stopper on the desired door at any time. In the right design, a door stopper is hardly noticeable or even adds an attractive decoration to the room. At Benera, you will find a wide selection of door stoppers, ranging from cute to modern and minimalist. In winter, draft stoppers are also a great way to increase comfort in living spaces. They simultaneously prevent an unpleasant draft under the door and allow for doors to be open or closed, as desired. The selection of suitable door stoppers for every purpose is large, and in terms of design, you will also find the right product at Benera.

Prevent Locking In and Out Thanks to Door Buffers

Do you have a laundry room or do your children also love playing in the front yard? Then you surely know the problem of doors accidentally slamming shut. You constantly have to reach for the key or use the door buzzer. Again, a door stopper can be the solution to the problem. If you want to permanently hold a specific door in position, you can securely mount the stopper. However, if you prefer to be more flexible, movable door stoppers are wonderful options. Many models are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, allowing you to keep garden doors or entrance doors open. In indoor areas, you can also opt for fabric models.

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