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Textiles and Pillows

Swedish Curtains? More like Transparent Floral Dreams.

With our decorative curtains, you definitely won't be going too far. On the contrary, you'll create a floral-cozy ambiance with a romantic touch. Our playful curtains and decorative drapes are suitable for all floor-to-ceiling windows, ensuring that prying eyes stay outside. Inside, they blend harmoniously into the overall picture and provide romantically playful focal points at every window front. They are easy to hang, simple to clean, and therefore quickly become a dream in white once again.

Fantastically Animalistic Pillows

Our cute pillows are a great addition to the trendy country style. Their animal motifs go particularly well with a rustic yet playful decor and will certainly warm the hearts of animal lovers. And if there's anything to the old saying: "You make your bed, you lie in it," then you'll definitely sleep fantastically well with these pillows.

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