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Figures and Sculptures

Making a Statement with Us is Easy

Imagine placing something beautiful in your garden, on your terrace, or balcony. A graceful female figure, a cute animal, or an elegant sculpture. In our range, you'll surely find the perfect figurine that suits your personal taste. Whether you're an animal lover, a vintage enthusiast, a flower child, or a Zen fan - we have many beautiful figures and sculptures that are a true adornment for outdoor spaces. Despite the diversity of these objects, they share some commonalities: they are weather-resistant, practical, and crafted with decorative attention to detail. Many of the figures are purely decorative, while some have a practical added benefit: they can be planted, offer a place for bird feed, or measure precipitation levels. This way, both humans and animals alike can benefit.

Strength Lies in Tranquility

In Buddhism, the figure of Buddha symbolizes "enlightenment". It represents calmness, serenity, and inner peace. The Buddha figure can also spread this spirit in your garden, on your balcony, or terrace. Here, it gladly serves as a stoic anchor of tranquility and radiates its peaceful aura - no matter the weather conditions. The Buddha comes in different sizes and designs, reflecting various moods: some Buddha figures exude thoughtfulness and composure, while others exude cheerfulness and joy. Depending on your mood and meditative disposition, you will surely find the perfect statue for your personal Zen ambiance in the outdoor area.

At Night, All Cats Are Gray

Dogs, birds, frogs, and foxes too. However, they shine in the brightest colors in daylight. Of course, only if you want them to and have chosen a colorful specimen. Like the bright green and cheerful frogs or the colorful paradise birds. For those who prefer something a bit more subdued but still want to pay tribute to their love for animals, our lifelike reproductions are sure to be a hit. With great attention to detail, deceptively real meerkats, small deer, or cute piglets have been crafted to adorn your balcony, garden, or terrace. Animal-loving vintage fans might opt for the distinctive silhouettes in trendy rust look. Regardless of the figure you choose, one thing is guaranteed: it will be a wild time.

Have You Got a Bird?

Or several? In any case, birds will be in good hands with you if you provide them with one of our beautiful and practical bird baths. Especially on hot days, birds are also very thirsty and appreciate the unique water containers that are available for them in the garden, on the balcony, or terrace. But you can also show them the bird. In our range, we have many large and small birds that beautify and adorn balcony boxes or beds, contributing to the diversity of feathered species.