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Plant Organizer

May we offer you a basket?

Or a planter? Or even an entire shelf for your green dreams? Plant lovers will find what they're looking for here. We have a wide selection of plant containers of all kinds. For indoors and of course for outdoors. Here you will find many beautiful baskets, pots, and other vessels for your balcony, garden, or terrace. There is certainly something for every taste. And for every type of plant. Whether they have deep roots, lush foliage, are frost-resistant, or produce a profusion of blooms. We also offer a variety of materials: galvanized and powder-coated steel, various woods and stone materials, rattan and other robust wickerwork, ceramics, terracotta, and finally, for lasting durability, options made from Eternit, cement, and polyresin.

Classy in Style: Fantastic Planters with the Charm of Bygone Decades

Antique charm, weathered patina, noble homage to the past: Our plant containers and bowls in antique style are something very special. They come in different sizes and different materials. Made from terracotta, the weathered stone look tells old stories of days gone by. Or crafted from sturdy steel with intentionally aged facade, they bring antique flair to your balcony, terrace, or garden, reminiscent of old Mediterranean garden design skills. The material withstands wind and weather and is not too shy for any spot. Our antique plant containers are an ideal gift for all nostalgics, romantics, and lovers of the trendy Shabby Chic look. And they also impress with their practical handling: Many of them have handles that allow for quick and easy transport from A to B. So, relocation is not at risk.

For Playful Gardeners and Nature-Loving Jesters: Fun Planters that are No Joke

Now it's getting fun: With our small figures and planters, your terrace, balcony, or garden quickly turns into a big laugh. Because they are different from conventional flower pots and, in addition to rich greenery and colorful blooms, bring even more color to your garden. Whether original plant shoes with mice, hedgehogs, or birds, or funny sheep or other amusing figures, with them, garden design is guaranteed to be a lot of fun.

Heads that are also Pots. And therefore, easy to plant

Give your garden a face. Or even several. Our expressive plant pots come in many interesting head shapes and from different materials. Sometimes they resemble antique goddesses, whose faces adorn your balcony, garden, or terrace. They also come as animal faces, who are happy to put their heads together in a bed of your choice. Whether made of ceramic, terracotta, or polyresin, the heads are wind and weather resistant and look forward to a planting that matches their character.

Hurry, hop into the basket!

Feel free to let us give you one or two baskets and plant them with flower dreams. Here we have a large selection of baskets in many different sizes, made from different materials, and in many styles. Sturdy, nature-loving wickerwork is included as well as ones with an antique appearance made of metal. Also available in trendy rust optics. All our plant baskets are absolutely wind and weather resistant and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.