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Balcony Magic

Many people start their day with a nice hot cup of coffee on the balcony. It's even more wonderful when it's already filled with relaxation and enables a good start to the day. Plants, wind chimes, and other decorative highlights charm the eye.

The Balcony as a Charming Bird and Insect Haven

Nesting boxes, bee and insect hotels, bumblebee houses, and birdhouses - with these impressive abodes, you provide valuable creatures with a beautiful home. Observe ant farms or even breed a swarm of bees in your own four walls. In winter, birdhouses are always a welcome option to provide ample food.

Let it be green!

What would a balcony be without plants? Probably quite dull and not even half as cozy. The right greenery must not be missing for this reason. With suitable planters, you create breathtaking accents. Plant stakes and windmills attract all eyes. For even more diversity in the flowerpot, plant stakes and windmills are an excellent option. Not only with the wind, you create enchanting effects on the balcony. A delight for young and old!