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Dining Ware

Table Set, Unveil! With Elegant Porcelain and Other Beautiful Essentials.

The eye eats too. That's why a beautifully set table is never a bad idea. Let yourself be inspired by our elegant cups with exciting decor or lovely bowls and other practical table helpers made of noble materials. With us, you'll find many things that make shared meals even more beautiful, an inspiring cup of tea even more inspiring, or Sunday breakfast even cozier. With a little attention to detail, every table gladly becomes a festive feast, where favorite dishes can be served to your heart's content, whether it's for yourself, your family, or good friends. Because everyone gladly takes a seat at a beautifully set table. And guests like to come back. This is how successful hospitality culture works.

Coffee or Tea? Not Just a Matter of Taste.

At first glance, it seems clear: there are coffee drinkers and there are tea drinkers. This isn't just a matter of taste; it also says a lot about one's lifestyle. Coffee drinkers are generally seen as more creative, diverse, and successful, while tea drinkers are considered health-conscious, laid-back, and reliable. No matter which type you are, you'll find the right mugs with us. Of course, cocoa or milk drinkers won't miss out either. There are many cups and mugs in different shapes and designs. Either simple and meditative for a relaxing cup of tea in the afternoon, colorful and opulent for an invigorating mocha, or decidedly elegant for fans of refined coffee house culture. And for those who prefer to serve only pots outdoors, we also offer a lovely selection of beautiful teapots.

Dressed to Impress? No Problem, We Have a Beautiful Selection.

Whether it's for cereal, yogurt, or a delicious dessert, our bowls offer the right shape and function for every taste. We also have just the right bowls for the currently popular "bowls" trend. They come in high-quality porcelain, intriguing coconut or olive wood, nostalgic enamel, or handcrafted coconut shells with shiny interiors. We also have large bowls and serving bowls for salads and more, perfect for arranging healthy greens in a decorative manner.

Everything Butter? Absolutely, Our Kitchen Helpers Make It Possible.

Butter dishes keep butter fresh, preserve its aroma, and look good while doing it. We offer them in various shapes and materials. Whether silver-plated, porcelain, enamel, or high-quality plastic, our butter dishes provide an aroma-protective cover for delicate and sensitive spreadable butter. Of course, you'll also find other practical kitchen helpers with us that will whet your appetite, such as elegant pizza boards made of olive wood, handy serving trays made of the resilient rubber tree wood, elegant stainless steel sugar bowls, and cheerful egg cups in colorful motifs for your Sunday breakfast eggs.