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Cups and Mugs

Raise Your Cups! Especially with Such Beautiful Specimens!

Naturally, we all have cups in the cupboard: tea cups, coffee cups, cups made of porcelain, glass, enamel, but also thermoses and other containers for your choice of hot and cold beverages. Some come as a set, others in pretty packaging, colorful or stylishly decorated, with lovely flower or animal motifs, quotes, or other imaginative patterns. Our wide selection of cups and mugs is sure to bring anticipation to your next coffee chat or a moment of peaceful tea-drinking. They also make excellent stylish gifts or amusing tokens for a dear person of your choice. Because one thing is certain: you can always use cups and never really have enough of them.

Cups and Art – A Particularly Lovely Connection

Art-loving coffee drinkers or artistic tea enthusiasts will be delighted with our cups. Because here, art meets cup. Specifically, it meets elegant porcelain cups with well-known motifs from the art scene.
Whether you prefer impressionists or are a fan of Japanese calligraphy, our cups meet the highest artistic standards. Even lovers of delicate floral art will surely find something with us. Almost all cups from our artistically adorned series are made of high-quality Chinese porcelain, absolutely dishwasher and microwave-safe, and they arrive at your doorstep in a pretty, impact and break-resistant gift packaging.

Would You Like a Few More Cups?

We offer you several matching cups from a series with our pretty and practical cup sets. Either as a matching pair of cups or in a convenient set of four. There are a variety of matching sets with different motifs available. Modern, retro, playful, floral – here, anything goes that you like, and you'll have the agony of choice. All cup sets are made of high-quality porcelain and are absolutely dishwasher and microwave-safe.

Take Your Time and Enjoy Your Tea? Of Course!

Even die-hard tea drinkers have a tough choice to make with us when it comes to pretty and practical tea cups. They naturally come complete with a tea infuser and lid. Plus, a lovely packaging that perfectly protects the cup during transport and also makes a nice gift package. In addition to your preference for tea, our tea cups can cater to other tastes. Because they come in many different motifs and unique patterns that make tea-time even more enjoyable.

Teapot Only Outside? Inside Too!

Fancy a pretty tea cup plus a teapot plus filter in an appealing gift packaging? No problem. Boiling, brewing, enjoying, refilling is a breeze with this charming set. Available in various motifs and equally practical, beautiful, and indispensable for tea lovers. The same goes for our lovely on-the-go tea bottles. They not only look great but are also extremely practical if you don't want to miss out on freshly brewed tea while on the move. The double-walled glass keeps the inside warm and is comfortable to carry on the outside.