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Jugs and Vases

Thank You for the Flowers. And the Vases.

What could be more beautiful than fresh floral dreams adorning your home? Fragrant, colorful, and life-affirming. They look twice as good in an elegant vase. They certainly won't object to a beautiful plant bowl either. Discover a wide variety of vases, planters, pots, and pitchers with us. Made from different materials, in many shapes, sizes, and designs, and suitable for various interior styles: whether modern and minimalist, playful and romantic, or for fans of country style or lovers of shabby chic.

Only Pots Indoors?

Attention – Nostalgia Alert! The good old milk jug brings back memories of the good old days. What used to be used for fetching milk now serves as a beautiful decoration for your home. The same goes for the good old wash jug in authentic retro enamel look, which used to serve well for filling the washbasin in the bathroom or bedroom. Or a not-so-old watering can in retro style. Our different pitchers make great decorative objects for indoors or outdoors: whether in the conservatory, on the terrace, in the bathroom, or living area, they always look good, bring joy, and evoke plenty of memories. Our lovely watering cans are no exception, but instead have an additional benefit: because flowers, regularly watered, last longer and bring even more joy.

There's Something Blooming for You with Us. For Example, Many Great Vases.

Here's a great bouquet of various vases and planters. Cut flowers feel right at home in our vases. Whether as a single flower with some greenery or as a whole bouquet. In many sizes, shapes, and designs, they are perfect for all kinds of flowers. Roses, lilies, carnations, dahlias, and other blooming fantasies look particularly stunning in them. Our range includes extravagant vases as well as modern, minimalist, or lovingly playful variants. Even with our planters, friends of the green thumb get their money's worth. They can be used both indoors and outdoors and are always impressive eye-catchers. Beautifully planted, they naturally make an even better and more decorative impression.

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